for culture, science, education, philosophy, wisdom, technic; harmonization, integration and new creation

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Did You hear about the
Totaluniversal Development Center C.T.D & WUTC? - the most effective
and securest way of the Total Human Realization (THR) and Fulfillment! And that this Total- Development-System
and Model is available

for Everyone - thanks to its world unique leading wisdom-sciences, - worlduniversity- sciences.

All people can activate and develop their Totaluniversal or Quant-humanistical Resourse-Dimentions within Themselves!

It's perhaps useful to know for all
of You who are
instrested to know
about the
worlduniversity sciences
of C.T.D_T_WUTC,
these are not any logical,
rational or speculative syntheze-results of the traditional tellusian wisdom and/or spiritual sciences, philosophies, knowlege,
praxis, etc.
But the world
university sciences are a result of a continuous total-harmonisation and applied
T_Creativity process, where the creator takes forward the multidimentional T_Universological trues of the multiuniverse (Multiverse) and newly-creates them after
united-tellusian-, universal
totalevolutionistical intrests.
In the same way was C.T.D_T_WUTC in
it's totality created, established and
developed too, meaning that it was created
developed in a united individual-, multi[uni]versal T_Creativity-Process.
Because C.T.D_T_WUTC, are in it's totality not only a localy focused tellusian, but it
a unique total-world-universally leading status, in the Totaldevelopment processes
of the Total-World-Universeum.

Don't forget that the Humans Lifetime
very fast here on the Tellus!But, You
have the possibility
- Here and Now - to
your, your childrens' and other relatives' Lifelong true-human education
and development -
to realize a high level
consciousness, wisdom, harmonization, integration and fulfilment - and plan Your present and future in a totalevolutionistic endless-existential continuity perspective -
Here and Now !

to join the

available for EVERYBODY

with its borderless Total*Universal*
Development P o s s i b i l i t i e s

W e l c o m e
to get a
World University Center-
Membership - even without doing
something - only for Your natural cosmical and multiuniversal consciousness focused
development security.
But You can study and get a World-University qualifications and be active within the

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About the Studies and other Development Possibilities

Studies, Development possibilties
The World University Center of
Total*Universal Culture, together
its incorporated departments,
can offer - for now - to all of You who want to study and
develope Yourselves, Your holistisc Human and Cultural Resourses
the following possibilities:
• Education, development in the leading wisdom sciences of the
World University Center - Worlduniversity-Sciences
• Consultations and guidance on
different levels
• Evaluate all your knowledge, life- and work-experiences and results in Worlduniversity credits (WUC) and
• You can get world-unique dinstictions, degrees and diplomas with connection to different specializations in accordance with the Worlduniversity's character - which
can aid Your total-human development and realization.
• Possibility for cultural-, artistic and
scientific cooperation and development.

Education and Development in the Worlduniversity-Sciences, like:
or Totaluniversality-Sciences:
- Worlduniversal Totalitylogy or World Totalogy;
- Human Totalitylogy or Human Totalogy/ Total Humanology;
- Worlduniversal Culture Totalitylogy or
Culture Totalogy/ TotalCulturology
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- Total World[Uni]Verseology / Multiverseology
- Human Universalitylogy or Human Multi[uni]verseology, etc.
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-Thees world-wisdom-sciences has in wiew the development of the totalogical, and the totaluniverseal (t_universological) consciousness, thinking, creativity, holistic capacity of understanding, and the creative application of these within other sciences, within a humans life and culture in a context and perspective of
its totalevolution.

The proposed sciences by the World University Center, witch can easilly contribute to the totalogical and t_universological development processes of the students and can easier be
integrated with
theese sciences are so
called the help
or developing sciences, like:
spiritual theories, t*u_epistemology, human and cultural ecology, different theories
and activities regarding the development of
consciousness, quanthumanism, applied
quant-creativity (especially in music and dance), unified information technology,
total[etno]culturology, etc.

Total*Culturology - is the
independent culture-philosophical disciplin within World-Totalogy
T_Universology, and has in view the development of the total- culturological conciousness, thinking and creativity, and its creative application within sciences, within the human life and culture in a context and
of its
total-cultural evolution.
   The help or developing sciences
proposed by
the Worlduniversity
are; universal culturology, anthropology, culture-epistemology, cultural ecology, culture philosophy, quanthumanism
quantcultural creativity development
sciences, ethnology, folklore, mythology, religion and the other above mentioned subjects - within totalogy and t_universology, mm.

Total*Ethno*Culturology - is the holistic main-science branch of totalculturology with pluri-ethno-cultural application and has in view the
development of the totaletno-
culturological thinking, conciousness and creativity, and its creative application within sciences, within the mans life and culture in a context and perspective of totalethno-cultural evolution.
The help or developing sciences
proposed by the Worlduniversity
are: ethnology, anthropology, folklore, mythology, religion, epistemology and
the other
sciences and subjects mentioned above (within totalculturology, totalogy and t_universology.

The Human Totalitylogy
or Human Totalogy
(or T_Humanology) is
an independent science-branch within
totality and t_universality-sciences
focused on the

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The leading sciences
of the
World University Center
the total-creativity
methods (TCM) in all theire
theoretical-, empirical applications.
In the development of

totalcreativity one of the
main help methods within
the Worlduniversity is the

totalcultural-, artistical
creativity method (TCCM),
where the music and dance
have a leading role.

Other leading-wisdom-
Quanthumanism - the theory
of the original nature of the
existence" (Sandor A. Markus,
1998) with renewed inter-
disciplinary sciences- and
subjects, like: life-science,
epistemology, anthropology,
cultural-ecology, united cosmic-
spiritual sciences, health and
resource- development, which
can help and lead to the
development of the quant-
humanistical world-conception,
thinking, consciousness and
creativity. Quanthumanism - as
the independent multidisciplinary
leading-science harmonizing and integrating with totalogy,
totalitylogy, t_universology and
total[ethno]-culturology and
on can be like closest being
preparatory or preventing help-
and developing science
for the above mentioned

Life-philosophy (incl.
Vitalogical Sciences)
- has in view the understanding
of life in a holistic context, and the improvement of the life-conditions
of the human beings and of their
capacity to help themselves in life,
to integrate into society and the
   As subject-area, all the above-

mentioned sciences may be
included as well as other kinds of
life knowledge, visdom and
Life-philosophy is an independent

multi-disciplinary science within
the WorldUniversity Center,
integrating with quanthumanism, the total-ethno-
culturology and
NOTE.Besides these
development sciences, all
traditional sciences of all character
or nature, can
contribute to the development of the totalogical
All the sciences on the
world can
develop their own
totalogical or t_universological, totalculturological
or quant-
humanistical dimensions.
The Same Development Concept is Available to All People Too !
All people can activate and
develop their Totalogical,
T_Universological or
Quanthumanistical Resourse-Dimentions within Themselves -
the same the T_Creativity

Music and Dance studies
and qualifications in:
- Music and dance sciences
incl. music-epistemology
- Development theories and

- Creativity and interpretation
Music and dance courses,

programs, subjects:
• WorldUniversal Musicology and

• Applied Ethnomusicology

and Ethnochoreology
• (World)Folkmusic and
• Regional Ethnomusicology

and Ethno Choreology
• 'Dance-house' science
• Music- and dancecreativity

• Music, Dance
and Health: holistic harmonization with properly applied
and dance.
Holistic development and

harmonization: with applied
specialization focused on life-
philosophy, health sciences,
personal resourcedevelopment,
creativity- and consciousness
enhancement, and music- and dancecultural-, artistical
creativity development.
Learn more >>

Possibilities for cultural, artistic and scientific development and cooperation of various nature:
Exchanges of cultural-,
artistic and scientific
knowledge and wisdom in form of seminars,
conferences, festivals, performances, summer camps, field-research, etc
Learn more
Acquiring knowledge of rural
holistic culture, tradition and life - in Transylvania in Romania (different possibilities).
Cultural-artistic and scientific
in Transylvania
and Sweden.

Access to the ITEK- Academy' unique multiethno-cultural music and dance archives - ITEK-,TEKIA archives

Learn more about all above >>

OBS. As educational-development disciplines, all academic subjects can occur and, in adission, parallel or toghether with the above-mentioned holistic sciences in connection with
the student's interests, specialization,
purpose and development level.
All this is valuable for the content of consutations and guidance.

Consultations and guidance
on different levels;
In the various theories, sciences and methods within the World University Center, such as:
- totalogy, totalitylogy
- t_universalitylogy, t_universology
- total[ethno]-culturology,
- human totality-development
- t_creativity,
- quanthumanism,
- life-philosophy/sciences;
- epistemology, anthropology, ecology,
ethnology, folcloristic, applied musicology and choreology, cultural-, artistic hypercreativity, united IT-logy (within totalogicology).
• In problems within general life,
culture and ecology, in a total-evolutional context and perspective.
• In the holistic harmonization of
the individual life-cultural and ecological content for a total health.
• In the holistic development of the

multiuniverseal and dimentional conciousness, on all levels
• In the assessment of the individual
or the collective holistic human cultural content and the total[uni]verseal development level, quota, both in real time and in a totalogical- and evolutionary perspective.
• In preparing/creating of different

New academic works (papers, theses, cultural-, artistic creations and interpretations etc) in the New Totalogical, applied total[etno]-
culturological spirituality and creativity level.
• In the evaluation and accrediting of other diplomas within the
World University Center.

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