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'All life and existence forms,
- Creations - of the worlduniverses
have the Right to choose
their manifestation and

development forms and
ways freely - likewise

are Humans too'. (This is
on of the Ground Laws of the
Multi[uni]versal Creation Center).

Toghether they constitute a multiuniverseal common value -
here and now - on the Terra/Tellus,
both in more or less individualised and in different groups or community forms, with their common and different caracteristics, acquired experiences and
consciousness levels.
Within tellusian humans,
although the simmilarities we have, there are still huge differences between us
too, wich are most apperently
manifested in the economical and

the social status or in different developed knowlege and
experiences of individuals acquired in different schools and high schools, etc.
But on our planet there are other
kinds of even stronger differences
too. These are the consciousness state/level differences, which can not only reach a or a few hundred and tousand years of time-bordered development differences, but also
time- and
placeless and endless
consciousness levels of differences between people.
To confirm and experience these

differences of conscousness levels between people is on the other hand unfortunatly much-, much more difficult than for ex. to apprehend and experience the
differences between the richest and most poorest people on our planet.
But(!), on the other hand
these high/advansed consciousness levels above can be realised within the C.T.D - World Univertsity Center,
thanks it's unique development
system and Model©, based on it's leading-wisdom sciences, Worlduniversity-
sciences. So, within the World Univertsity You have the possibility to secure your, your childrens' and other relatives' lifelong true-human education and development - to realize a multidimentional-, universal high level of individual consciousness, wisdom; selfharmonization och integration capacity and Total-Human Fulfillment/Realization
- Here and Now - in a
evolutionistic endless perspective!
(ABF) .

to Join the World University Center
- available for EVERYBODY - with it's borderless Total*Universal
Development Possibilities

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The Cultural-, Educational & Scientific Development System -

A New Total*Development System
& The Tellusian World
niversity Center of Total Culture represents and works efter a New cultural-, educational and scientific development system - a Total-Development System - based on it's leading-wisdom sciences - Worlduniversity-Sciences.
There is a
multil[uni]verseal / dimentional
expanded system-concept,
therein - thanks to the leading-sciences' total
ogycal and total-[uni]verseologycal nature - it can take place, include, harmonizd and integrate all the all traditionally or non-traditionaly developing systems too.

The development system structure of the
World University Center includes different forms with differnt content on both nonacademical or pre-academical as vell as ground and high-academical (incl. quantacademical) studies and development levels, (with a scale of I-XII),
that can involve all the life-, cultural knowledge-, wisdom or consciousness contents and all realized results one have and/or will have/realize and manifest/account under a shorter or longer study and development period or under a lifelong learning-, development-, integration and realizationprocess within the World University Center...

The educational-, development process.
The educational and development processes
at the World University Center are most
individualy directed. It is the interested student
(or group of students) who shall endeavour for

his/her development and education! It is the interested student who plans and chooses his/her educational-, development form, content and ways - under the guidance of the
teachers of the World University Center...
Within the World University Center all people have the possibility to
• study and get advices on all levels in Worlduniversity-Sciences and develop a multi-universal/ dimentional wisdom and consciousness

• evaluate
all their knowledge,
life- and work experiences, the realized studies, diplomas, activities and other results - all that he/she has accomplished in his/ her life. (This is available for people who want study within
C.T.D_T_WUTC and obtain a Worlduniversity qualification).

This evaluated human
culture-value content can be done through individual studies (everywhere) and further development integrated and increased within The World University Center and concretised in different New Worlduniversity Qualifications with different specializations - a realization process, where a great importance is placed on the students' multidimentional-holistic qualitative development, including their global-, multiuniversal (multiverse/al) consciousness-, creativity-, knowlege-, wisdom-, harmonization and integration levels - in a totalevolutionistic endless perspective...
This is the main aim and the continuous
applied method within the
C.T.D_T_WUTC-Model (®) - the w
ay of the true original nature of the Realization of the Man, of the life and existence - here and now on the Tellus!
So, the provided educational-, development process by the World University Center consists of:

- continuerly consultations, instructions, advises, guidance under the chosen study- and development period
- continuously evaluation of knowlege, development levels and other results (see above) and
- concretization in different World University
Qualifications, results (diplomas, degrees, dinstinctions, etc.)
This is happining through;
- distance learning (in different virtual forms) or
- in some other traditional forms, like; - occasional courses, seminars, conferences, summer camps, etc; and
- other posibilities; depending on suggestions comming from the students or from other members and collaborators of the World University Center...

Qualification (diploma, degree, etc.)
Contents of the diplomas and degrees are individually aimed at - not after any stereotype system (!). All diplomas are assigned individually on account of the student's holistic results in
the studying, development and specialization process at the World University Center...
The first qualified Worlduniversity diploma/
degree can be obtained after at least 80 collected study credits/points acquired within the Worlduniversity-Sciences of C.T.D_T_WUTC, without the reported and
evaluated other studies, qualifications or results.
To obtain - both non/preacademical and
academical - qualifications all students most do/present a final assessment of their toltalrealization at the World University Center
This happening in different forms of tests,
examinations or presentation of paper or another cultural-, artistical or scientifical work, product, etc. where the student's new acquired knowledge, competence (the new development level) and its applying within his/her field of interest, or professional path will be included with priorincluded.
Dinstinctions. C.T.D
_T_WUTC distribute different dinstinctions/order for People with special results, realizations.

The teacher chore
of the World University Center has an international academic education, with different Worlduniversity degrees
in World-Wisdom-Sciences, like teachers, masters
and doctors, mm. with different worldwisdom-scientifical contents, functions, specializations, and with connections to the different WorldUniversity-departments.

The educational personal of World UniversityCenter all have both a traditional basic academic education and the Worlduniversity-Education.
So we can work both in non-traditional and traditional forms, but they transcend each other in a harmonized third variant, after the New Worlduniversity Model©, which we most apply and recommend within the Worlduniversity...

OBS! All students of the World University Center can be Worlduniversity Teachers / Masters too after they finish their studies within the Worlduniversitycenter and they have the possibility to start and conduct/ lead a Worlduniversity departament with different parts around the World.

The voice of the teacher chore sounds:
We hope that all relations between the educational
and development representantives of the C.T.D_T_WUTC and the students, members and collaborators linked to the World University Center will be characterized by harmony, mutual respect and undestanding in all aspects.
This does not exclude the manifestations of various ideas, creative concepts or opinions, etc., on the opposite - The World Univesity Center accepts all kind of creative suggestions from all it's students, members and collaborators.

OBS! Within the World University Center You can study on All levels, and You can account all your knowledge, life- and work-experiences and results in World University credits/points, degree and diplomas in accordance with the Worlduniversity's character, which can aid Your futher totaldevelopment.
Furthermore one can evaluate,
complete and accredit previous diplomas and degrees to a New WorldUniversity Diploma and Degree, through completing of studies within C.T.D_T_WUTC.


World-Totality or

• World-Totalitylogy or
World-Totalogy or Totalogy
(T) World[Uni]Versalitylogy
• HumanTotalitylogy or
Total*Culturology and
(incl. Antropology,
T*U_Episthemology, Ecology)
upon with the C.T.D_T_WUTC Model ® is created for and is
available for everybody!
They contain and represent the accumulated and united multidimentional summcontent (essence) of total-wisdom-sciences and total-science-wisdom about the WorldUniverse, the Whole,
the Multi[uni]verse, the
The summ-essence of the whole - theoretical-,empirical - knowledge, sciences, wisdom and experiences
of/ about the WorldUniVerses (Multi/Pluriverse) in the
*uni*versal evolutionistic,
therewithin in atotalculture-
evolutionistic context and unit perspectives.

The Worlduniversity-Sciences contains and demands the
or totaluniversologycal thinking, visdom, world-conception, creativity and consciousness.
contains all the world and
life conceptions, all
culturalisation and civilization

conceptions and ways, the whole of 'scientific-, unscientific' or technological wisdoms, knowledge, experiences, manifestations,
developments and results, on all consciousness levels, in a total-evolutionistic endless context and perspective.

The leading-wisdom-
sciences of the World University Center apply the;
- T_Creativity, (Total-Creativity)
- T_Harmonization and
- T_Integration methods in all their theoretical-, empirical applications.
In the development of total-creativity or quant-creativity-processees one of the main help methods within the World University Center is the totalcultural-,
artistical creativity method, where the music and dance have a leading role.

All sciences in the
can integrate with/in the world-university sciences! - and contribute to these reciprocal developments.
Among the traditional
sciences proposed by the World University which can help the applied totalogic, totaluniversologic, total[ethno]- culturologic and the quanthumanistic development and perspectival (eventual)fulfillment are the: epistemology, united
spiritual-cosmical sciences,
cosmology, culturology,
anthropology, ethnology,
folklore, musicology, choreology, philosophy,
united IT-logy, ecology, and other sciences.
Besides these, all traditional sciences of all character or nature can contribute to the further development of the Worlduniversity-Sciences, and all the sciences and science branches in the world can
integrated in the leading-wisdom-sciences of C.T.D_T_WUTC.
the same/likewise too;
- all the sciences of the world can develop their own: totalogical,
totaluniversological, totalculturological or
quanthumanistical dimensions!
The Same Development Concept is Available to All People Too !
All people
can activate and develop their Totalogical or T_Universological
Resourse-Dimentions within Themselves !

Total Freedom!
The Worlduniversity
Students can begin their studies when they wish.
The students are
free to choose any subjects within those organised by the World University Center.
But under the period of study
at the World University Center they can
also study at other schools, high schools, and all their results, knowledge can be estimated in the World University Credits.
The most important goal is the holistical-, harmonious development-quality of the students.

Obs. All connecting forms to the C.T.D & The World University will extand and strengthen Your
Multi[uni]verse-al Human
Consciousness field, Your Creativity level, Your Harmonisation and
capacity and
m. more -
on a Natural way.

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